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Clients looking to amplify their strengths and create a new narrative of what’s possible.

Clients who struggle with depression, anxiety, and trauma.

Clients who are ready for support with life transitions.

Couples who hope to improve their communication and reduce conflict.

About Kayla

At Colorado Women’s Center, Kayla clients with expertise in sexual trauma, and interpersonal violence. Kayla’s belief is that the world creates narratives that people learn to live by in order to survive. Deconstructing and recreating healthy narratives through therapy, skills, and corrective emotional experiences allows for healthy growth. Kayla utilizes therapeutic expertise to provide a place for clients to explore their identities, and their reactions to their trauma in healthy ways. Kayla has a Master of Counseling from the University of Wyoming and utilizes a variety of techniques, narrative therapy, interpersonal process therapy, trauma focused cognitive behavioral therapy (cbt), EMDR, relational therapy, and others to meet the needs of each client.


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