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Dec 01

You Are Enough!

You Are EnoughWe are a population begging for distraction from the monotony of our daily lives. And the media responds to this need by providing us with entertainment that allows us to escape. Through this process, we are served images of the exceptional, the 1%. We are shown the most beautiful people in the world. We see the greatest talents. We laugh hysterically at the best comedians. We get lost in extreme levels of athleticism. And then we compare all of this greatness to ourselves, and we feel like we can never measure up; we feel like we have no worth. The media can be a breeding ground for self-doubt and self-loathing. It activates our inner-critic, and suddenly we are caught in the cycle of insecurity, second-guessing, and negative feedback loops. We are not perfect and we never will be. AND, THAT’S OKAY! What if we began to strive for something that has better results and is more attainable? What if we stopped reaching for perfection and started working toward self-acceptance? It doesn’t happen overnight and even self-acceptance is not perfect. But, if we start becoming aware… we can truly change how we think and feel. Begin to observe your thought process when you are exposed to the “exceptional.” Watch what you tell yourself. And, if that story is not serving you, change it! Put a post-it note on your mirror if you have to. But, please remind yourself that you already are, everything you need to be. Our society needs way more people believing in their own, ordinary magic, than we need being exposed to the 1%. Start to love who you are in THIS moment. You. Are. Enough.

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