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It might come as no shock to you that the rate of disordered eating in the US has risen in girls aged 15-19 in each decade since the 1930s. Every day, teens see thousands of images of “perfect bodies”. What their growing brains don’t yet understand is that these images are not an accurate representation of the feminine body. The images we see today are designed and edited by companies to foster feelings of inadequacy in those who see them. If you don’t feel good enough then you are more likely to buy the product that “they” tell you will make you look and feel better. And the vicious cycle of body shame and self-hatred continues. The consequences of this marketing style are now seen in our younger girls. Studies show that 42% of 1st-3rd graders want to be thinner, and 81% of 10-year-olds are afraid of being fat. 

At Colorado Women’s Center, we are committed to helping your daughter recognized the false nature and impact of these cultural messages about her body.  We will explore with her the self-limiting beliefs about her weight and body that perpetuates her suffering. She will learn skills to self-soothe her intense emotions, and understand that when treated properly, mood and anxiety disorders don’t have to run her life. Ultimately she will begin to see how her uniqueness is a gift, and she will learn that by sharing her gifts with the world, she will begin to make a positive impact on others.

Girls recovering from disordered eating need mothers and female role models to model a healthy relationship of acceptance for her body. The challenge is that 95% of women report having shame about their body. The therapists at Colorado Women’s Center recognize the systemic nature of this issue and will provide comprehensive support and tools for both mother and daughter to grow into acceptance of their bodies. 

We have five beautifully decorated offices in Boulder, Denver, Fort Collins, Longmont and Broomfield. We offer online therapy to support women throughout Colorado.

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