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Are you and your partner going through a divorce and are concerned about the impact it is having on your teenage daughter? Are you unsure how to navigate the transition to a two- home family? Does your daughter seem more angry, depressed, or emotionally withdrawn since the divorce? Have you already gone through the divorce, but are just now seeing the impact it is having on your children? If you would like to help your daughter cope but aren’t sure how the staff at Colorado Women’s Center are here to help.

We’ve all heard the statistics that nearly half of all marriages will end in divorce. Add children into the mix, and an already complicated situation might feel like a convoluted labyrinth you have no idea how to navigate. Adolescent girls, who are already emotionally vulnerable due to their changing hormones and bodies, are at an increased risk of developing anxiety and depression after a divorce. They are also at a greater risk of developing pessimistic views on romantic relationships, low self-esteem, and academic issues.

It’s also important to recognize that choosing a divorce can create positive effects for your daughter long term. Staying together “for the children” isn’t best. Research has found that adolescent girls of divorced parents have greater self-agency, a greater sense of independence, and more desire and motivation for occupational success into adulthood. Navigating the transition of the divorce with therapeutic support and cooperation between parents is key.

The therapists at Colorado Women’s Center understand the complexities of divorce and are well equipped to support your daughter through this difficult transition. Multiple staff at the center are children of divorced parents and they hold the unique personal perspective of what your daughter might be going through. We recognize the importance of providing a safe and confidential place for her to express the complex feelings and thoughts related to the divorce.  Within the therapeutic relationships, she will learn tools to regulate her emotions while building understanding and compassion for the challenges in her life. She will learn communication skills that will allow her to speak more effectively to you as well as those around her. Obstacles such as divorce, when successfully navigated through, can often serve as a catalyst to build confidence and self-agency. What if she could look back on the divorce and see the positives that came from it?   

The Colorado Women’s Center offers parent coaching and parent/teen therapy sessions to help you navigate this transition as well. You might be experiencing guilt and/ or fear around choosing divorce, and our staff is here to help you through your process as well. Having parents who model cooperative behavior and encourage open, age-appropriate conversations gives your daughter the greatest chance of successfully moving through the divorce with her self-esteem intact. It’s important that both you and your ex recognize that your adolescent daughter is not emotionally or mentally equipped to hold adult issues such as financial concerns or issues of infidelity. Our staff can help you identify what is appropriate to share with your daughter, and what is not. We also offer Girls Empowerment Groups that can support your daughter in talking about her experiences with other girls around her age. It can be very healing to learn that other girls understand what she has been going through. She isn’t alone, and neither are you.  

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