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Counseling and Therapy for University of Colorado Women

The Colorado Women’s Center – Boulder location is a place that many University of Colorado women have found to be an important part of their therapy and counseling plan while attending college. We are dedicated to empowering women of all ages in our community and the CU student population is a big part of our mission. University of Colorado students are the future and we are inspired to helping the women of CU thrive during and after college.  

While college is often a special time, University of Colorado women can find themselves needing additional support. Today’s college students experience more stress and fear than ever before and 95% of college are now more concerned about the mental health of their students. While the mental health of the student body is a rising concern, 1 out of 3 college counseling centers have a waitlist for counseling. Transitions in live, anxiety, sadness, social pressures, family problems, and relationships, can all trigger the need to speak with one of our highly skilled therapists. Studies show that mental health issues are a leading challenge to academic success.

The good news is that the Colorado Women’s Center is able to support University of Colorado college students who are more inclined to embrace mental health care as an essential part of their life. Young adults today are big influence behind the #BreakTheStigma movement of mental health, therapy and counseling that is a growing part of our national conversation. 

We often are approached by parents of CU students who are seeking therapy and counseling for their adult child during their college years. Many of our college student clients have moved to Colorado from out of state and prefer to build a therapeutic relationship with a local counselor near campus. The Colorado Women’s Center is close to campus and our student clients find the short walk to our beautiful office a relaxing transition before their sessions.

The staff at Colorado Women’s Center support our CU student clients with a nonjudgmental stance, exploring the emotional and mental stressors that can challenge a college student today. 

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