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Young Adult Therapy & Counseling in Boulder, Fort Collins, Broomfield and Longmont 

Are you an young adult between the ages of 18-29 and struggling with issues related to your identity? Are you confused about the work you want to do in the world? Do you feel lonely and isolated? When contemplating your future, do you get anxious or even terrified? Is anxiety preventing you from following through with daily life tasks? Are you struggling with completing your degree? Are you confused about what vocational path you want to take? Is it hard to recognize your needs, emotions, and values? Do you feel confused about your sexuality?  Do you find yourself criticizing your body on a regular basis?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, good news, you’re “normal”. Young women are now using their 20’s to explore, develop and refine their identities. Women are exploring different possibilities in work, school, and love and it is through trial and error, that a more refined identity develops. Successful maturation through this stage of life leads to a greater understanding of who you are in your 30s. You’ll have a greater understanding of your capabilities, limitations, beliefs, and values; who you are and how you fit into the society you’re a part of. Most of all, you’ll build a stronger trust in yourself.

The therapist and counselors at the Colorado Women’s Center understand that the young adult stage of development. Life teaches us through challenges and building your identity in our chaotic world is vulnerable and uncomfortable. You may feel lost or unstable. You may reject the unique beauty of you as a person because you don’t fit into some image of ‘perfection’ society has falsely put on you. You may notices symptoms of anxiety and depression, issues with self-esteem and body image and even self-harm tendencies. You may be confused about your gifts and talents and how to offer them to this world. You’re not alone, and the therapists and counselors at Colorado Women’s Center can help.

Colorado Women’s Center’s therapists and counselors support young adults with discovering who they are in a world that is constantly telling them who they should be. Freedom exists in learning you have a choice on how you respond to life’s challenges. Choice exists when you get really honest with yourself and face your fears. What is something you want in your life but you’ve been too scared to pursue?

Here at Colorado Women’s Center, we are committed to facing your fears with you while exploring your self-limiting beliefs that keep you stuck. We will help you build skills so that you can better tolerate the uncomfortable emotions and uncertainty that exists in life. It’s scary and it’s also really exciting to develop a sense of self in this world. A place. A mission. A partnership. A career. A strong voice and a belief that you are worthy of making any dream you have a reality. It’s an age of instability and possibility and it requires a balance between intention and action.

We have of three locations serving women of all ages in Boulder, Fort Collins, Longmont and Broomfield.

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