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Somatic therapy is a form of therapy that integrates the mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical aspects of each of us in order to work toward greater health and well-being. Somatic therapy allows the client to become aware of his or her body and the sensations experienced through it. At Colorado Women’s Center we believe that when we develop body awareness, we are able to focus on what we are experiencing in the present moment. This technique is very beneficial to us when our minds become overloaded with day-to-day challenges. Somatic therapy focuses on breathing patterns and physical sensations, thus supporting the client in forming a greater awareness of the mind/body connection.

Once clients gain this type of body awareness, they are instructed to stay with the sensations. It is important for clients to notice how they may want to escape the discomfort the sensations bring. However, it is equally important that they remain present. If they are able to develop curiosity as to what is happening, they are able to understand the underlying cause or reason for the discomfort. This discovery is the path to healing.

The somatic therapists at Colorado Women’s Center will support the client by giving feedback about what is observed. This is a very important aspect in therapy, because it helps to validate the client’s experience. The therapist will provide a safe environment that will allow the client to explore every bit of the present moment.

So often we are unaware of what we are feeling and experiencing in the here and now. We may feel uncomfortable, but we don’t know what’s underneath that discomfort. The opportunity for awareness allows us to peel off the layers of our present experience, so we can begin making better choices in our lives. This type of presence with self will allow the client to stay present in relationships. He or she will have a better tolerance for the uncomfortable moments of life, which will then help to solve the issues that arise. Without this type of awareness, the client will continue to repeat the same patterns, preventing forward momentum.  

Somatic therapy is a tool that can be used in almost any situation. As we become more aware of our bodies and the sensations we feel, we develop empathy and compassion, which allow us to heal. 

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