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Midlife Therapy for Women in Boulder, Denver, Fort Collins, Broomfield, Longmont

Here at Colorado Women’s Center, we are committed to supporting women in cultivating self-acceptance, empowerment, and fulfillment at any stage of life.

For the maturing woman, midlife is an especially profound period of adulthood.  We understand that it is a growing time that can be filled with vibrancy and richness, while at the same time, there is often loss and change in many areas of a woman’s life. We offer support through these challenging areas and are here to help each woman to heal and thrive while in her midlife transition.

In a culture that leans toward youthful images, the aging woman is challenged to appreciate her unique ripening beauty.  While she feels the physical changes happening in her body; she practices acceptance and turning attention toward her abilities and emotional health. She is learning to be kinder to herself and has gotten better at setting boundaries with others, which may mean that her relationships are changing. She is listening more to her own values and sometimes must make hard choices to honor them. She may be in a relationship; she may be on her own. She may be working or seeking work or she may be retiring. She may have children still at home, adult children who are near or far, or no children. She gravitates towards what brings her joy, and lets go of pleasing others. In short, there is lots of re-evaluation going on around what it means to be true to herself!

Midlife for a woman is naturally a period of self-reflection. It is a call toward radical self- acceptance, and honoring the inherent wisdom of all that her years of experience have brought to this sacred time in her life.

Our caring counselors are here to help you navigate the midlife transition throughout any point of your unique experience and the difficult changes you may be facing; the losses, the decisions; the fears, or whatever may be happening for you.

You’ve given so much to others over the years; it is now the perfect time to give to yourself. The gift of a skilled professional therapist and counselor who will listen deeply and help guide you through the choppy waters of this poignant life stage can make all the difference in your emotional health and well-being. The therapists and counselors at the Colorado Women’s Center would love to be by your side and support you in cultivating a beautiful experience of midlife! You deserve it!

We have five beautifully decorated offices in Boulder, Denver, Fort Collins, Longmont and Broomfield. We offer online therapy to support women throughout Colorado.

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