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Are you a parent of a teenage daughter who wonders if your child’s behavior is related to “normal” teenage growing pains, or are you worried there is something wrong? Does your daughter seem withdrawn? Does she spend more time on her phone than with her family? Does she have big emotions and have a hard time talking about them? Does she seem unsatisfied or critical with her changing body? Are you having a hard time communicating with her?

You are not alone. Most parents of teenage girls struggle with the “teenage years.” You want to support your daughter in growing into a confident and empowered young woman, but at times you don’t know how. If you are a father, perhaps you feel helpless in the lack of experience and knowledge that stems from raising a child of the opposite gender. And if you are a mother, perhaps you have your own struggles with the pressure of being a woman in our culture, and are not sure how to model ‘self-love’. 

The therapists and counselors at Colorado Women’s Center can help–We were all teenage girls at one point! The teenage years are arguably, the hardest stage of development. The hormone fluctuations required for a girl’s body to grow into a woman’s body is dramatic, and they trigger emotional swings that are unpredictable for them and for you. We believe that in order to empower girls, we must support them in learning the language of their emotions. Women are wired to feel and there is great intelligence to their emotions. What if your daughter could use her emotions to understand her values? What if she recognizes the connection between her emotions and her menstrual cycle, and has effective tools to self-soothe when riding the emotional waves? Our staff is here to help.  

Adolescent girls are building their identity based on reflections of the people in their lives, mainly their peer group. And, if they are plugged into social media, that peer group has grown to include hundreds of “cyber friends.” Add in the average 3,000 ads a day that these girls see through the internet, commercials, and billboards and you can see why most girls are so critical of themselves. A young, girl’s brain is doing its brilliant job of refining her identity. However, her environment is constantly telling her she’s not good enough, and therefore, “not good enough” starts to become her identity. She is comparing herself to images of “perfection” when “perfection” doesn’t exist. This is why so many adolescent girls have serious symptoms of depression, anxiety, issues with self-esteem and body image, and self-harming tendencies. Teenage girls are twice as likely as teenage boys, to develop depression.

At Colorado Women’s Center, we understand the vulnerabilities that teenage girls face, and we are committed to empowering teenage girls to find their strengths when facing life’s challenges. Our team fosters a safe environment for young girls to talk about the issues they may have a hard time talking about. Our therapists are here to help them better understand how the menstrual cycle impacts the emotions, and we will provide each client with ‘easy to use’ tools to help tolerate uncomfortable emotions. We also help our teenage clients practice skills to better communicate their feelings–both to themselves as well as to others. We gain great satisfaction in helping adolescent girls recognize that despite life’s obstacles, they have the strength, power, and resilience to overcome them.

Colorado Women’s Center offers individual teen therapy, parent coaching, parent/daughter therapy sessions and empowerment groups and camps for teenage girls. We believe that effective communication skills, understanding of self, and empathy for others are crucial to surviving the teenage years. And we are deeply committed to helping our youth succeed! 

We have five beautifully decorated offices in Boulder, Denver, Fort Collins, Longmont and Broomfield. We offer online therapy to support women throughout Colorado.

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