Client-Centered Therapy in Boulder, Denver, Fort Collins, Broomfield, Longmont

Client-centered therapy places a significant focus on the client by giving her the freedom to express feelings in a nonjudgmental environment. The therapists at Colorado Women’s Center strongly believe that in order for a client’s condition to improve, the therapist should be warm, genuine, and understanding. This form of therapy gives the client time and space to discover the answers and solutions for which he or she has been searching. At its core, client-centered therapy views all people as having the capability to heal and grow, regardless of their circumstances. The empathetic and unconditional relationship between the client-centered therapist and the client is proven to be a guiding force in the client’s healing process.

The techniques used in this approach include listening, accepting, understanding, and sharing. The focus is on the client’s subjective view of the world. Therefore, client-centered therapy puts emphasis on clients developing an appropriate understanding of their world and themselves. The client may begin therapy seeking to find something. However, this method gives the therapist the role of reversing this situation. Instead of looking outward for the solutions, the therapist guides the client inward for the sake of gaining a greater perspective.  

This form of therapy gives the client, not the therapist, the responsibility for improving his or her life. And, at Colorado Women’s Center, we believe that this is the only way to reach true empowerment. When clients consciously and rationally decide for themselves what is wrong and what should be done about it, they are able to create long-lasting change. By unconditionally accepting all parts of the client’s process, the therapist encourages clients to open themselves to the level of vulnerability required to reach this form of self-understanding.

We all need to be heard, seen, and loved. With this type of support, we can find the courage and strength to explore deep within ourselves. Client-centered therapy allows us to unravel life-long mysteries. It allows us to gain an understanding of our own purity. And this space of basic goodness is the creative force we need to mold our lives in any way we choose.

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