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Nov 30

Healing A Broken Heart

Healing From A Broken Heart Colorado Women's CenterHaving a broken heart can be one of the most painful feelings of the human experience. Severing love can call to mind and body all of the familiar experiences of heartache from your past. Perhaps this was a choice and maybe it wasn’t. Be gentle with your heart and compassionate towards your grief when you have lost someone you love. The truth is a broken open heart, however vulnerable and fragile it might feel, is more powerful than a heart that is closed to feeling. To feel the love, joy and ecstasy you have to be willing to feel the grief, the fear and the loss. Emotions color our world with aliveness. If you’re going through heartache keep going. Incorporate little practices of taking care of your heart each day. Acknowledge your feelings regularly. At some unknown point in the future, you’ll look back and see that the heartbreak was necessary as it led you to a version of you that you’ve never known before. And you’ll see that you are pretty amazing, if you remain grounded in your broken open heart.

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