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Are you concerned your daughter is being bullied at school? Does she have an increase in tardiness or absences from school? Does she try to convince you to let her stay home because she’s sick when you know she isn’t? Does she seem emotionally withdrawn, isolated, depressed or anxious? Are you afraid of how the long term effects will affect her self-esteem? Or perhaps, your daughter is the instigator and you are getting frequent conduct reports from her school saying she is bullying her classmates. Regardless, whether she is the victim or the persecutor, there are underlying emotional effects that can present serious mental health issues as she grows into adulthood.  

Our staff at Colorado Women’s Center understand the serious nature that bullying can have on growing teenage girls as well as the importance of getting your daughter therapeutic support as soon as possible. Bullying has become an epidemic in our culture. It seems like every time you turn around, you hear another devastating story of a teenager taking their own life because of bullying. Most recent studies have found that 83% of school-aged girls report being bullied either in schools or online. One in ten teenagers drop out of school due to repeated bullying. And, increased rates of cyberbullying makes it harder to identify the persecutor. Bullying can destroy the already fragile self-esteem of a teenager. It can greatly affect social development, and impact identity well into adulthood.

Adolescent girls who are bullied are more likely to experience anxiety, depression, changes in sleep and eating patterns, loss of interest in activities they used to enjoy, decrease in academic performance, social isolation, an increased sense of hopelessness, and thoughts of suicide. Young people who are bullied in youth are more likely to grow into adults who have lasting issues trusting others, building and sustaining long term relationships, and lack confidence and self-worth.

On the other side of the issue, girls presenting bullying behavior signify deeper emotional and mental issues and signify they are suffering a great deal as well. Bullies are at a higher risk of alcohol and drug abuse in adolescence and are more likely to engage in sexual behaviors at a younger age.  

Whether your daughter is the victim of bullying or the perpetrator, the staff at Colorado Women’s Center are here to help. Within the therapeutic relationship, staff will support your daughter in exploring the issues she is experiencing as a result of being bullied. We will provide psycho-education around this issue and help her to recognize that she is not alone. We understand that recovery from bullying requires the development of a strong, resilient, and flexible identity, and we will provide her with tools to cope with the challenges of life without giving up. We will help her to develop an inner trust and cultivate hobbies and interests in which she can succeed, in order to build a sense of belonging and healthy self-esteem.   

If your daughter is exhibiting bullying behavior, the staff at Colorado Women’s Center understands she is also suffering and is in need of therapeutic support. Our staff is trained to help your daughter in exploring the root causes of her bullying behaviors while providing her tools to regulate her emotions and understand the self-destructive impact of her behavior.  

As a parent, you might feel helpless in protecting your daughter who is facing consistent harassment. If your daughter is the bully you might be at your wit’s end and confused on how to support your daughter in changing her destructive behavior. Here at Colorado Women’s Center, we offer parent coaching sessions to support you in processing the emotional impact bullying has had on you while providing you with tools so you can most effectively support your daughter. We also offer parent/daughter sessions, individual adolescent therapy, and Girls Empowerment Groups to support her in rebuilding her sense of connection and security.

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