Toni Marinkovich Therapist

Therapist & Counselor

Toni’s goal is to help clients connect with their deep inner resources to lead richer, more satisfying lives. She use a holistic approach with individuals and families to follow the healing pathway that emerges for each person, leading toward a balanced, vibrantly healthy life. Some common goals Toni works with clients on are: improving communication, strengthening self-esteem, maintaining healthy boundaries, and building resilience.  Her work embraces the body-mind connection, mindfulness practices, self-compassion, parts work, the healing power of relationship, brain science and spirituality.  She create a safe space and bring a warm, earthy approach to my work with clients and their families. It is Toni’s joy to meet clients where they are, and guide them towards the remembrance of their unique truth.

Often when one member of a family is struggling with an identity challenge or an acute episode, others in the family are challenged with how to be supportive in a way that is honoring to all. We all want to feel validated in our uniqueness and loved through our challenges. Toni honors the inherent wisdom of the individual through times of crisis and wellness. She celebrate diversity and welcome individuals of all gender expression and sexual orientation. She love working with families to help incorporate and celebrate the wildly varying range of individual expression.

With training in somatic psychotherapy, trauma, grief and loss, parts work and rites of passage, Toni also has years of experience with ceremony, authentic movement, yoga, and creative arts expression. Over 10 years working with individuals with chronic mental illness, addictions, and trauma has taught Toni to work holistically with clients while finding what is most effective. Personal experience has taught her so much about responding to the challenges of life, including addictions, extreme mind states and tragic loss of loved ones.  The role of parent and step-parent has taught Toni more than she can express about the need for unconditional love in relationships, and she strive towards this on a daily basis.


stress, anxiety, depression, bipolar, postpartum issues, trauma, grief, identity, life transitions, parenting, women’s issues, sexuality, gender diversity, relationships, family systems, self esteem

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