Taylor Baird Therapist TAYLOR BAIRD

Taylor is a mindfulness-based and somatically oriented therapist who understands the importance of seeing the whole person inside all of us. At Colorado Women’s Center, Taylor enjoys working with women of all walks of life, from adolescence to adulthood. She has had experience with various challenges such as anxiety, depression, disordered eating, substance abuse, and developmental issues. She supports individuals in exploring their deeper sense of purpose in order to rediscover what truly matters in their lives.

Through her own life experience, she has come to realize that it is within relationships that true connection with the self-thrives. She finds that shepherding people through challenges to find their truest and most authentic self is both a source of fulfillment and a big part of her work in the world. She believes that a deep dive into our more challenging experiences and emotions is less frightening when done in the presence of a loving and supportive therapist.

Taylor is a student of transpersonal psychotherapy at Naropa University. Her interest in the mind-body connection along with attachment theory, yogic philosophy, nutrition, and Gestalt therapy assists her in supporting women to tap into their innermost resources.

When Taylor is not championing our clients at Colorado Women’s Center, she can be found anywhere in nature mountain biking, hiking, rock climbing, and swimming. She loves connecting with family and friends through her cooking, often attempting recipes far beyond her skill level.

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