Sandra Teske

Sandra Teske, MA, LPC

Therapist & Counselor

Sandra earned her Master’s degree in Mindfulness-based Transpersonal Counseling at Naropa University in Boulder, CO. She worked as a nurse for many years, driven by a desire to help others and understand the nature of healing and wellness. This experience showed her how physical wellbeing often intertwines with emotional and mental wellbeing. Sandra values supporting women with the mental and emotional elements of the physical health issues they face. Her lifelong healing journey has also led her to place the highest value on therapeutic spaces and relationships where one can learn how to deeply know, love, and value oneself in an authentic way despite feeling lost, experiencing great loss, childhood trauma, or the stressors of our culture. 

At Colorado Women’s Center, Sandra is committed to providing a therapeutic space in order  for women to feel heard and feel safe to explore their inner worlds and values in a non judgmental, compassionate, and collaborative healing relationship. Sandra is driven to support  women who desire a greater sense of unconditional self-love and well-being.  

Sandra has a broad range of experience including supporting young adults in their 20s-30s dealing with depression, anxiety, PTSD,  addictions, life transitions, work, and relationship issues. She has therapeutic experience in a psychiatric hospital, hospice, and home visits with elders . Through these experiences, Sandra found she appreciates working with  those who would consider themselves spiritually searching or spiritually wounded. She has  had the great privilege to work with a diversity of ethnicities, the LGBTQIA+ population, and  clients of literally all ages. Her education and experience shaped her towards a primarily  mindfulness based approach; and she also uses client-centered, strengths-based, somatic,  developmental, existential, psychodynamic, gestalt, and polyvagal nervous system healing  principles in her therapeutic approaches as appropriate.  

This mindfulness approach, at its core, means she believes each of her clients possess an  intrinsic source of wisdom that orients toward their own unique wholeness, and that they  themselves hold the keys to their highest, most meaningful and loving life path. Sandra is here  to support you in your journey to finding and using these keys in the correct timing for you.  She also recognizes that reaching out in search of support is brave and significant in and of itself. 

Sandra finds great joy in communing with nature on the trail, practicing yoga and egoscue,  cooking, dancing, reading, enjoying friends and animals, experimenting with meditations, vocal toning, and breath work.

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