Niki White LCSW therapist


Clinical Supervisor & Manager, Denver
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Clients who want a therapist with a strengths-based, client-centered approach.

Clients who struggle with depression, anxiety, and trauma.

Clients who are ready for support with life transitions.

Couples who hope to improve their communication and reduce conflict.

About Niki

Recognizing you need help can be hard and asking for it is even harder. At Colorado Women’s Center, Niki strives to ensure you feel listened to and cared for while you build the tools you need to navigate these challenges. Grounded in empathy, curiosity, and a deep belief in the capacity for growth, Niki is dedicated to supporting individuals build stronger and more fulfilling relationships, heal from wounds, process traumatic experiences, and foster emotional well-being.

The resilience, insight, will-power, and courage of clients inspire Niki every day and continue to fuel her passion for helping others find their own strength to overcome whatever challenges bring them to therapy.


If your therapist match is not just right for you, we will credit the fee for your first session
to your next session with the new Colorado Women’s Center therapist.

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