Lindsey Wellmaker Therapist

Lindsey Wellmaker, MA, LPC

Lead Therapist & Site Manager, Broomfield

Lindsey is inspired by the ability of all people to find healing and wholeness through relationships. Lindsey received a Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, focusing specifically on mindfulness-based therapeutic approaches.  She recognizes the potency of compassion, autonomy, and nonjudgement within the therapeutic relationship and how, together, we can co-explore the unconscious to identify any patterns that might be getting in the way. Lindsey’s professional experience includes supporting individuals with various mental health challenges, addictions, and life transitions. She offers individual and group psychotherapy for all ages and identities. Lindsey has worked in in-patient and out-patient settings, with both voluntary or court-mandated clients. 

At the Colorado Women’s Center, Lindsey’s work as a counselor is informed by her passion for emotional regulation skills, human and childhood development, attachment needs, neuroscience and family systems. In essence, she aspires to meet you exactly where you’re at –trusting that every human being has the inherent ability to heal and thrive when given a chance. 

Outside of therapy, Lindsey enjoys reading, cooking, yoga, music, dance, and spending time in nature or with loved ones.

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