Kimberly De Jong Therapist

Kimberly De Jong, MA, LPC

Therapist & Counselor

As therapist at Colorado Women’s Center, Kimberly holds the understanding that suffering is a shared human experience, something each person has in common. This can show up as trauma, anxiety, depression, chronic illness, relationship conflict and more. She integrates a holistic blend of mindful self-compassion, somatic therapy, transpersonal therapy, strengths based therapy, narrative therapy, solution focused therapy and career counseling in her sessions as needed. She uses these tools, among others, to help clients rebuild the sacred connection and communication between heart, body, mind and soul, allowing a deeper understanding of one’s unique needs, inner wisdom and gifts they offer to the world.

Kimberly understands that committing to therapy and personal wellbeing, through time, uplifts the clear, authentic self. It is an honor to walk alongside and witness the loving awareness of & repair of a critical inner dialogue and self-concept as a result of past and ongoing trauma and stress. She has witnessed many clients re-experience their inherent joy, inner wisdom, and sense of ease.

Kimberly worked in the wellness field for over 20 years as a massage therapist, health food coach, craniosacral therapist, reiki practitioner and teacher and yoga teacher, all before becoming a counselor. These previous career experiences led her to pursue her masters in counseling with firsthand understanding and knowledge of how important it is to support the healing of the heart, body, mind and spirit. Kimberly also worked as an academic success coordinator and instructor helping young adults and non-traditional students explore and find majors, careers, purpose, values and further development of their authentic identity.

Kimberly raised 3 children as a sole provider and caretaker, all while completing her bachelors and masters degree. They are now 17, 19 and 21. Kimberly is rediscovering what it is like to have free time and re-explore her own identity as an empty nester. She loves hot springs, playing in the water, hiking, reading, yoga and having deep conversations with friends.

Kimberly is a strong ally to the LGBTQIA+ and BIPOC community with several years of experience. She is a body positive and sex positive therapist.

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