Kenna Faust-Cavendish

Kenna Faust-Cavendish, Masters Candidate 

Therapist & Counselor

Kenna is a warm, intuitive and grounded master candidate therapist. She obtained her BA in Transpersonal Psychology, with a focus on health & healing, and a double minor in Religious Studies and Yoga from Naropa University in Boulder, CO. She is now in her third year of completing her Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling with an emphasis on Mindfulness-based Transpersonal Counseling. Kenna is passionate about helping women cultivate a more compassionate and unified relationship with one’s mind, body and spirit.

At Colorado Women’s Center, Kenna creates a safe and healing container of belief and unconditional positive regard for each client to unleash and explore the multidimensionality of themselves and their truth – to deepen into the heart, and be honored, celebrated and held in one’s pain, joy and resilience. She feels that every woman holds a unique magic within and when awareness of limiting patterns and belief systems are gained, if desired, one can collaborate in the malleability of them to live a life of greater agency and expanded fulfillment. When we have the courage to turn towards our pain, the healing is already taking place. Kenna uses a  client-centered approach, supporting women in reclaiming their innate power by falling in love more greatly with themselves and life, further embodying the gift and wisdom of their authentic selves. 

She draws upon somatic experiencing, gestalt therapy, narrative therapy, mindfulness & self compassion, while meeting clients with ease, warmth and acceptance. 

Kenna is also an intuitive healer, singer, dancer, conscious rapper and writer. In her free time you can find her enjoying community & loved ones, drinking coffee and smelling roses.

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