Kendra Miguez Colorado Womens Center

CEO & Founder 

The story of Colorado Women’s Center begins with her story.

As the CEO and founder of Colorado Women’s Center, Kendra Miguez has worked for many years in the fields of psychotherapy and counseling. Today her mission is to help as many women as possible access personal empowerment and freedom.

Kendra has experience working with children, teens, couples, postpartum, families, women and men. After years of running a full, private practice and resonating deeply with her female population, Kendra began focusing solely on women’s health. Through the process of working with women of every background, Kendra began to notice that no matter their age, race, economic status, physical appearance, birth order or familial upbringing, women all shared one thing in common… self-doubt.

Shocked at the universal insecurity, guilt, self-loathing, negative self-talk, perfectionism and second guessing, Kendra became deeply passionate about helping women build self-esteem. Noticing the theme of negative narratives amongst women and recognizing these themes within herself, while also realizing that very few of the men she worked with shared the same level of insecurity, Kendra began to see the great impact of oppression that women have historically faced. And therefore, she made a choice to shift her practice and dedicate her life toward helping women collectively RISE.

Kendra’s greatest inspiration for helping women develop self-belief, stems from her own journey of facing adversity, overcoming self-doubt and elevating herself into a world that at one time, she could only dream of. Her trajectory from a downward spiral to an elevated platform, came from a source within that she was able to access due to pain, adversity and deep love.

Inspired by Brene Brown’s advice to “own your story,” Kendra realized the only way she could help others was to practice what she preached and be vulnerable. Therefore, as her professional career developed, she began letting go of shame and embracing her personal journey.

Never feeling a real sense of belonging within her family system, Kendra left home at an early age. She moved to New York City, Chicago, and Denver and she quickly felt swallowed by such big seas. With little guidance, no father figure and no attachment to self, she was swept into the shadows. One poor decision after another, Kendra soon found herself alone, single and a mother.

With an infant, little resources and limited support, Kendra was faced with a steep climb that if she and her son were to survive, she had no choice but to begin stepping upwards… one foot at a time.

The pain was often unbearable. The loneliness, the fear, the unknown, all of it forced her to rely on her own inner wisdom. And what a gift that was. It allowed her to finally be guided, and to have something to attach to that would never leave; something to comfort her; something to parent her. And with her newfound strength and self-awareness, she realized that she was now awake and she could never go back to sleep.

Within four years, Kendra managed to put herself through two masters degrees in Psychology as a single mother. The process taught her to let go of the opinion of others and to not listen to external messages from society. She learned to ignore the stigma placed on single mothers who often have to rely on student loans and governmental support. And with every benefit she and her son were provided, she wasn’t ashamed, she was grateful. And she knew that she would one day be able to give back… even if she didn’t know how.

Kendra envisioned what she wanted for herself and her son and she never gave up. Her son was her greatest inspiration and taught her a love that she had never known before. This love allowed her to determine her own course in life… never once succumbing to being a victim of circumstance.

This is the source and the glue that Colorado Women’s Center is built upon. Every location represents a place for women to find their innate strength. To use life challenges as a way to develop and grow. It is a place where inspiration, hope and vision seep out of every wall. It is the greatest accomplishment of Kendra’s life other than her children and her husband. It is something that she built for all women of every age, race, economic status, physical appearance, birth order or familial upbringing. And it is something that she believes will live on when she is gone for it is bigger than any individual.

“This is the time for women! We have an opportunity. We are seen in a way that we never were before and we are able to use the strength that we have always known we possess to collectively RISE. But we have to come together. We have to elevate each other. We have to embrace another woman’s success in order to define our own. Equality is within our reach and it has nothing to do with what men allow. It has everything to do with how we see our own position in society. So let’s see ourselves as beautiful, brilliant and equal. Let’s use our grit and our grace to change the narrative. It starts one woman at a time.” ~ Kendra Miguez

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