Kate DeCoste
Therapist Intern

At the Colorado Women’s Center, Kate is passionate about empowering women to step fully into their lives. She focuses on guiding women to their own inner strength through a mindfulness-based, somatic, relational, and psycho-educative lens. Her passion has always centered around illuminating the path towards resilience and healthy interpersonal relationships. 

Her certification in PACT Couples Therapy, along with her interest in mind-body connection, yogic philosophy and Gestalt therapy assist her in supporting women to build upon their own inner resources in order for them to feel connected to their bodies, relationship to others and their lives. 

Kate incorporates neuroscience, psychophysiology, and attachment theory to support clients in moving away from unhealthy coping mechanisms and attachments that are no longer working for them and towards connection with self, partners, family, and relationships that bring more joy, awareness and conscious empowered choice. 

Kate is currently a third-year graduate student working towards her Master’s degree in the Mindfulness-Based Transpersonal Psychotherapy program at Naropa University. 

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