Clinical Supervisor, Lead Therapist
Couples Specialist, PACT Certified
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Clients who want to live an authentic, empowered life.

Clients who want to embrace their confidence, joy, freedom, and strength.

Clients who are ready to move past limiting patterns.

Couples who hope to improve their communication and reduce conflict.

About Julie

Julie is a dedicated therapist at Colorado Women’s Center, committed to guiding women towards authentic, empowered living. She fosters a heart-centered space for clients to explore and transform, emphasizing courage and vulnerability in their journey to integration and healing. Her therapeutic approach is relational, strength-based, and holistic, incorporating a diverse background in human development, family systems, and various therapeutic modalities such as Gestalt therapy, Internal Family Systems, and mindfulness practices. Julie specializes in a range of areas including trauma recovery, life transitions, and relationship issues, backed by a Master’s Degree in Mindfulness-Based Transpersonal Psychology and certification in PACT Couple Therapy. Beyond therapy, Julie is an avid reader, nature enthusiast, yoga practitioner, and enjoys artistic pursuits, rock climbing, and quality time with her family, including her two adult sons.


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