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Francesca Bini

Therapist & Counselor Intern

Francesca is a Somatic Psychotherapist and Nature-Connected Coach specialized in working with Depression, Dissociation, Attachment and Sexual Trauma, Mind-Body Health, Spiritual/Existential Crises, Grief/Loss, and Life Transitions.

She is passionate about integrating cutting-edge neuroscience with contemplative practices grounded in the wisdom of the body and our connection to nature.

Previously, Francesca worked at SPAN and WINGS, supporting adult women who survived domestic violence and childhood sexual abuse in reclaiming their bodies and their power.

Currently, she works one-on-one with individuals looking to process challenging emotions, heal and shift old patterns, and re-align with a sense of aliveness and purpose.

Her body-centered approach integrates verbal psychotherapy, movement, shadow work, nature-based practices, hormonal health coaching, creative ritual, and parts work (Internal Family Systems) to promote insight, healing, and transformation.

She is the co-founder of IrisBridge where she works as an educator for individuals and organizations providing trainings in Motivational Interviewing (MI), Dialectic-Behavioral Therapy (DBT) and Authentic Movement (AM). She is also a certified End-of-Life Doula and facilitates weekly Grief Groups for individuals who are processing significant losses in their lives.

Her free time, Francesca enjoys wild crafting medicinal herbs, chatting with archetypes, making up nonsensical songs, and dancing Argentin Tango with her wife Vanessa.

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