Eugenia Sanford
Therapist Intern

Eugenia is pursuing her masters degree in Clinical Mental Health with a concentration in transpersonal psychology.

At the Colorado Women’s Center, Eugenia is passionate about helping and empowering women to discover more about who they are authentically. She instills in each individual the courage to fall in love with self, be bold and act. She helps them to remove blocks that are keeping them from being their best self; learning to live life the way they always dreamed.

For over 6 years Eugenia mentored young women, who were dealing with depression, anxiety, sexual abuse, self-esteem and self worth issues, amongst other traumas. She helped these young adults discover more about themselves, go off to college, and become successful. The impact she made on these young women’s lives has pushed her to walk into her purpose.

Eugenia’s motto is inner work + outer work equals transformation. Within us all is a light that is ready to shine. She believes there is power in our innate gifts, and sometimes we need a little guidance to help reintroduce these gifts to us.

Eugenia’s approach to therapy is client centered, allowing clients to guide the way, working on the Here and Now and building a beautiful client therapist relationship. She incorporates Internal Family Systems and Gestalt Therapy, talk therapy, mindfulness practices, as well as utilizing creativity, art, and somatic practices. Eugenia helps clients to feel safe as they embark with me on the journey of self discovery and healing.

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