Emily Pattee

Therapist & Counselor

Emily entered her career with dreams of opening a non-profit organization focused on women’s advocacy. Upon further self-reflection, she recognized her passion for working with human beings one-on-one and she completed her master’s degree in mental health counseling at the University of Northern Colorado. She is currently continuing her education at the Nalanda Institute of Buddhist studies with a focus on social justice, mindfulness, compassion, and embodiment practices. Emily believes that a unique light exists within each of us, and as we regain access to its presence, we not only transform our own lives but also the world around us. She is passionate about supporting women in their process of reconnecting to their true essence that may be burdened by trauma, systemic oppression, psychological and emotional turmoil, and relational wounds so that they may access new ground to show up authentically as a fuller expression of themselves.

At Colorado Women’s Center, Emily’s approach is grounded in creating a sense of safety within the therapeutic relationship where all parts of a person are welcome and allowed. She works with women to regain access to self-love and an ever-present power within. As Emily gained experience in working as a therapist, she noticed the constant presence of a critical and dismissing voice within her client’s minds. She feels passionate about assisting her clients in creating an enhanced sense of well-being by re-patterning this voice from condemnation to care. She hopes to support clients to expand their capacity to hold space for their denied and overwhelming emotional experiences and shift from self-rejecting to self-accepting, with more space to be exactly as they are.

Emily’s is influenced by eastern and western wisdom and utilizes Somatic therapies to encourage the connection between mind and body. She values a neuro-informed approach and hopes to assist clients in gaining understanding about their working brain. She also draws on Internal Family System modalities and Attachment-science perspectives to inform her sessions.

Emily enjoys practicing yoga, spending time with animals, painting, time spent in nature, and making space to be silly.

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