Em Arciniegas
Operations Manager

Em Arciniegas (They/Them) is an Operations Manager at the Colorado Women’s Center with experience in performing arts advocacy, recruiting, and administrative, operational, and management support. As a nonbinary person, Em has always deeply recognized the importance of mental health for all individuals, especially those of the trans community. They are very excited to work with the Colorado Women’s Center in helping to make a difference for everyone.

Em was born in Texas and first found their voice for mental health advocacy in Theatre Arts. Moving to Colorado in 2019, they continued to develop a sincere passion for mental health awareness during the COVID-19 pandemic. Devotedly managing a covid testing site has strengthened their passion and empathy towards helping people. Working as a resource for Coloradans allows them to fulfill their need of giving back to a wonderful community. 

In their freetime they enjoy the local music scene, creating art with ceramics, and playing DnD with friends.

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