Corinna Schumm, M.A., LPCC

Therapist & Counselor

Corinna’s training in Contemplative Psychotherapy at Naropa University, together with her longstanding practice of mindfulness, enables her to offer clients her steady and warm presence. She brings compassion, non-judgment, and safety to create a space where the client feels that all of herself and all of her experience is welcome. Through this welcoming, Corinna strives to nurture each woman’s kindness and compassion for herself, whatever she may be experiencing.

At the Colorado Women’s Center, Corinna is passionate about supporting women in the process of coming to know and love themselves and empowering them to be able to live in authentic alignment with what is meaningful for them. She values and honors each woman’s uniqueness.

Acknowledging that each client is the expert on herself, Corinna’s intention is to facilitate and support the women she serves in seeing and trusting their own wisdom and goodness. She is a companion on the journey, offering curiosity and courage, so that whatever challenges or difficulties a client may face, she is empowered to apply her unique qualities to her work in therapy, so that she may attain her self-determined goals. 

Corinna’s life experiences of marriage, raising children, caring for aging parents, divorce, and her experiences of trauma have developed her deep empathy for others. Having learned to love and respect herself and her desires, she is thriving. She earned her Bachelor’s degree at The American Women’s College at Bay Path University, completing their signature WELL program, Women as Empowered Learners and Leaders. 

 When she is not working, she loves being with her family and friends, playing outside, cooking, reading, and especially enjoys sitting around doing nothing in particular. Corinna lives in gratitude to those who have supported her on her journey, and is excited to do the same for her clients.

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