Charlotte Mulloy Therapist

Charlotte W. Mulloy, MA, LPC

Therapist & Counselor

Charlotte is a compassionate, down to earth trauma-informed somatic therapist that works from the understanding that our thoughts and emotions are connected with the body and the body’s sensations. Charlotte graduated with her masters degree from Naropa University after decades of working in leadership roles in both Corporate America and the fitness industry.  For the past three years she has worked in the field of substance abuse recovery with emphasis on dual diagnosis. 

At Colorado Women’s Center, Charlotte uses a combination of traditional/talk therapy along with integration of neurobiology and mindfulness of body sensations to increase self-awareness, and access client’s individual healing tools.  In a supportive, therapeutic alliance to facilitate body awareness, you may explore creation of grounding techniques, conscious breathing techniques along with mindful movement practices to help you draw on the intelligence of your body and assist in emotion regulation. Charlotte also integrates Motivational Interviewing (MI) techniques to unearth your intrinsic motivation to change along with the evidenced-based strategies of  Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT); encouraging awareness of Self while honoring your unique personal expression of healing, personal growth and change. 

Charlotte is originally from the east coast. Along with being a therapist, she is also a mother of two teenage boys, a yoga and meditation teacher and a medical referral personal trainer.  Charlotte loves to laugh, read, hike, snowboard and learn new things.

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