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carol herrick therapist

Clinical Director & Lead Therapist

Carol Herrick is the Clinical Director of the Colorado Women’s Center. A seasoned Licensed Professional Counselor, she is passionate about supporting women to find their strength and self-esteem throughout the many challenges and transitions we face in today’s world. 

Her inspiration to become a healer began early in life as she sought ways to cope with the struggles of childhood trauma, family addiction, and mental illness. Though such circumstances can be devastating, she has come to know that with support and guidance along the way, the problems we face, large and small, can become opportunities for personal growth and the ability to thrive and enjoy the ease of well -being. 

At Colorado Women’s Center, Carol’s work is grounded in compassionate listening and genuine care for her client so as to understand and hold sacred the uniqueness of each woman and her personal situation. Working together, she skillfully helps the client gain an embodied awareness of inner wounds and self -limiting patterns while guiding her toward a loving self-relationship and the practice of resourcing healthy coping skills from within.

Carol is trained in several modalities including Gestalt, CBT, Somatic, Mindfulness, Chakra Developmental Psychology therapies, and Career Counseling. Her therapeutic approach is holistic, client-centered, and enhanced by her past work in mental health agencies, programs for women and children, and many years of counseling, teaching and supervising graduate students to become therapists in the Mindfulness-based Transpersonal Counseling Program at Naropa University.  

One of Carol’s greatest joys is in spending time with her daughter who is now a young adult.  She also enjoys hiking, hanging out in nature, and is a dedicated meditation and yoga practitioner and teacher. Getting immersed in a good book is also high on her list of favorite pastimes.

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