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Brooke Zalis

Brooke Zalis, MA, LPCC 

Therapist & Counselor

At the Colorado Women’s Center Brooke creates a safe space for clients to feel free to express their authentic selves in a space of non judgment, acceptance, warmth, and compassion. 

Brooke works from a client-centered, values-based approach to therapy, with the belief that sometimes in life we feel stuck when we’re not living a life that’s in accordance with our values– who/what is most important to us. By getting clear on our values, we can empower ourselves to live a life that is meaningful and in alignment with our needs and desires. Brooke works with clients to find fulfillment in their lives and relationships, find acceptance in the presence of pain and discomfort, create self-awareness, and the power to choose what we do when discomfort shows up (rather than feeling like life is happening to us). 

Brooke is passionate about working with adolescence, young adults, adults, and seniors struggling with anxiety, depression, self-esteem, career, life transitions, sexual issues, relationships, finding a sense of purpose and identity, and strengthening our sense of self. In addition to the work she’s currently doing, Brooke is working towards her certification to become a certified sex therapist. 

Brooke’s approach is eclectic and collaborative, tailoring modalities specifically for each person, incorporating ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy), CBT, mindfulness, and solution-focused therapy. 

Brooke believes in the capacity of each individual to heal and free themselves of self-limiting beliefs, patterns, traumas, and past experiences to become the best version of themselves. In her free time, Brooke enjoys connecting with friends and family, meeting new people, traveling, exercising, yoga and meditation, journaling, and watching live music.

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