Brianne Rhodus

BRIANNE RHODUS, M.A., LPC Therapist & Counselor

Bri has a diverse range of experience and training that blends together in an integrated therapeutic approach with an underlying foundation in mindfulness-awareness. Bri is passionate about working with individuals and couples and specializes in relationship issues. She has a Masters in Mindfulness-based Transpersonal counseling, including training in Gestalt therapy, Synergetic Play therapy, EMDR therapy, and PACT. Bri has ten years of experience as a massage therapist and a background as an instructor in environmental education, wilderness therapy, and snowboarding. Bri is passionate about birth as a doula. She is also a Meditation Instructor for Naropa University. Bri offers compassionate curiosity that serves as a mirror validating your own truths. This process will assist you in gaining more clarity and kindness. Consequently, you’ll be able to navigate challenging life terrain with more ease and grace. Furthermore, increased self-awareness and acceptance leads to a greater ability to respond with flexibility and choice, rather than reacting unconsciously through stuck ways that perpetuate suffering. Our core wounding happens in relationship, therefore healing must also happen in relationship. The therapeutic relationship we create together is what will facilitate growth towards living a more fulfilling life.

At Colorado Women’s Center, Bri creates a safe space to explore and express through unconditional positive regard and attuning with trust. Through deep listening, Bri witnesses your authentic self and highest values without judgment. With genuine care and warmth, she supports you to foster more balance and satisfaction that will empower your capacity to transform and thrive! Bri is currently living her dream on a permaculture farm in Lyons. Her soul is nourished by singing, dancing, and exploring adventures.


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