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Amy Lowe Fort Collins LCSW Colorado Women's Center

Clinical Supervisor, Lead Therapist & Brainspotting Specialist

Amy graduated from the University of Wyoming with her Master of Social Work degree in 2010. She has provided individual, couples, family, and group counseling for approximately 13 years in a variety of environments. Regardless of the environment, all people seem to have one thing in common: a split from their true self in order to cope with, or survive life circumstances.
At Colorado Women’s Center, Amy is passionate about walking with others as they reclaim and in some instances, discover their true selves. In life, it’s easy to acclimate to modes of living that no longer serve, yet learning to outgrow those modes can be difficult. Life circumstances impact and shape us, and sometimes deeper healing is required. Amy’s role is to provide a safe, supportive, non-judgemental, and collaborative atmosphere to engage in the healing process.
Amy utilizes a variety of techniques, including narrative therapy, internal family systems informed therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, somatic processing informed therapy, and brainspotting (for deeper trauma processing). The duration and technique will be established in advice to ensure the therapeutic process is self-paced and collaborative.
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