Alison is an advanced student of Somatic Experiencing™, a body-centered approach to restoring physical and psychological wellbeing to the individual. She is also a graduate student of Naropa University where she studies mindfulness-based, transpersonal counseling. She believes that it is our innate right to be healthy and fully alive.

At the Colorado Women’s Center, she helps individuals rediscover their wholeness and wellness through body-awareness, Gestalt techniques, internal parts work, and attachment theory. Having experienced many of life’s challenges, from giving birth to midlife to traumatic loss, she brings a mature understanding to myriad issues often faced by her clients. She believes in the importance of connection and kindness in her practice of therapy.

Alison believes that self-awareness is key for those Colorado Women’s Center clients who are interested in personal growth. She has studied and trained to use and teach the Enneagram, a nondenominational system used for self-understanding and spiritual growth. She finds it assists her in understanding her clients on a deeper level and in helping them to understand themselves, as well.

Other ways that Alison cultivates her soul is by pulling weeds in her vegetable garden, making visual art in her backyard studio, enjoying her husband, her two adult daughters and their partners, and playing with toddling grandbabies.

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