Alicia Evans Therapist Colorado womens center

Therapist & Counselor

Alicia is influenced by theories that follow the inner resources of each client. She believes that when people are the director of their own life, they are more able to observe patterns that affect their behavior and relationships, deal with challenges, and become more resilient. She uses an experiential base to move freely in sessions, with the goal of self empowerment. 

As a therapist at the Colorado Women’s Center, Alicia believes that in order to be self-directed, people sometimes need a friendly guide to help question, understand, and put things into perspective. Questioning and observing one’s self leads to new confidence of knowing and following one’s own path. Self-direction contributes to motivation, which is the fuel of change. Learning to observe instead of judge one’s self gives freedom and self-compassion, inevitably replacing negative cycles of reactions with healthful ones. 

Alicia uses a framework of attachment style to understand relationships, one’s own injuries, and family patterns. A goal she generally believes in is to feel comfortable being different or unique, while staying in relationships with others. She has a passion for working with trauma, relational and sexual issues, and life transitions.

Alicia took time to complete her graduate degree while being a single parent of three daughters. A traveler at heart, she lived in Germany for 10 years and has had a long life of adventure and exploration. She graduated from Prescott College with a Masters of Science degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling with an emphasis in Couple and Family Counseling and Sexual Therapy. Currently, she is slowly working toward an education specialist degree (Eds) in experiential counseling and adventure-based therapy.

She is multifaceted, having worked both as a Waldorf teacher and a bartender. She enjoys talking to people, helping them feel safe and understood. She has a warm, peaceful presence that offers safety, respect, and encouragement to everyone. She has three adult daughters and several dear animal friends, who are a source of safe attachment and joy for her. She enjoys cooking and nutrition, meditation and mindfulness, movement therapy, gardening, and travel.

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