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Art Therapy in Boulder and Longmont

Art therapy is a dynamic and integrative mental health service utilized with individual, couples, family and group processing. At Colorado Women’s Center, our art therapists apply psychotherapy, active art-making, creative expression, and an empathic approach.

Art therapy fully engages the body, mind, and spirit. Using integrative methods alongside the therapeutic relationship cultivates the opportunity for a cathartic, deeply powerful and dramatic shift within our client.

The creative and symbolic nature of art making invites a new experience of self-expression, affect regulation and tolerance, self-esteem and self-awareness, insight and perception, and a different mode of communication. Images give voice to experience that verbal articulation cannot always offer. In utilizing art therapy, one will begin to create a visual language of their own. The image can serve as teacher, voice, and container for clients as they explore the internal landscape of their experience. As the client shares images of her reality, it creates a bridge of contact between a therapist and client. This bridge permits a therapist to enter the client’s world, thus allowing the client to be deeply seen and held in her experience.

Art Therapists at Colorado Women’s Center are highly trained in this area. Contact us today at Colorado Women’s Center to schedule an appointment in our Boulder and Longmont, Colorado Locations.

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