Mother’s Support Group – Longmont 

Are you finding parenting challenging these days? Do you struggle with trusting yourself? As a mother, does it feel like you are holding more responsibility than your partner? We are running a Mother’s Support Group at our Longmont location. Register today to reserve your spot.


Colorado Women’s Center – Longmont – 1225 Ken Pratt Blvd., Longmont, Colorado


6 weeks: Mondays from 6:00pm-8:00pm

  • February 24th
  • March 2nd
  • March 9th
  • March 16th
  • March 23rd
  • March 30th


Could you benefit from talking about your struggles with other mothers in your community? Our Mother’s Support Group is a place for you to come to talk about your struggles and triumphs with other mothers from your community. The Mother’s Support Group will provide a safe container to practice vulnerability and to get support from other mothers who can relate. You’re not alone. All issues are welcome. 

As mothers, we often feel pressure to be perfect. We often judge ourselves harshly, doubt our parenting choices, and feel isolated in our struggles. Aligning with these unachievable standards of perfection in our culture prevents us from finding connection with, and support from, other mothers navigating the same life stage. Here at Colorado Women’s Center, we are committed to supporting mothers in the community in their quest to change these outdated patterns of perfection. We believe there is no greater power than women coming together, taking off their masks of perfection, and learning how to practice vulnerability so they don’t feel so alone in their struggles. 

This mother’s support group will provide a safe and supportive environment for you to practice connecting with yourself, while connecting with other mothers. You will explore ways to practice vulnerability by talking about issues related to parenting and you will deepen your sense of connection so that you can build more confidence in yourself as a mother. This group will focus on the unique issues of its members and will include topics such as perfectionism, anxiety, loneliness, worthiness, and shame. You will learn how to trust your decisions, needs, and feelings in a supportive environment where other mothers are learning how to do the same thing. 

Groups provide a safe place for members to discuss the issues that each participant is facing. Groups also allow space for the practice of vulnerability as well as an opportunity for connection with other mothers in the community. Register today! 

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