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Do you struggle with insecurity? Are you tired of repeating the same mistakes in relationships? Do you have issues trusting others? Are you scared to be vulnerable? Do you find that you lose your sense of self in your primary relationships? Do you tend to avoid closeness for fear that you will be judged or abandoned? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you would likely benefit from our Group Therapy sessions. 

Here at Colorado Women’s Center, we believe that when women work in collaboration instead of competition, they can truly change themselves and the world. We offer Group Therapy (therapeutic process groups) that meet weekly at the center. These groups provide an opportunity for members to receive support, encouragement, and feedback from multiple perspectives in a confidential and safe environment. Group Therapy provides a context for members to deepen their level of self-awareness and learn how they relate to one another.

How does this work? As the process group members built trust with one another, they will begin to recreate interpersonal difficulties they regularly experience in their lives. With the support of our skilled therapists leading the group, members will learn how to identify troublesome interpersonal patterns through the reflections, feedback, and support of other women. Alternative interpersonal behaviors will be offered and practiced within the group, so that you may then take the self-knowledge you’ve gained and apply it to your relationships outside of the group.

What’s the difference between workshops and group therapy at Colorado Women’s Center? The main difference is that group leaders, for the most part, do not assign topics or themes to group discussion in our process groups. Members are responsible for talking about their current challenges and group discussion flows from what they choose to talk about. Our workshops are more directive and focused on a particular aspect of women’s health and healing.  

The therapists at Colorado Women’s Center understand how challenging it can be to genuinely express our truths, our needs, and our feelings in relationships. We also recognize that the recipe for changing self-defeating behaviors and maladaptive ways of relating to others, requires courage, support, and connection. We encourage our group process members to take the risk of being themselves in a group so that they will have more courage to be themselves outside of the group. Changing patterns of behavior takes time and practice. And, we offer a very safe place to begin this journey.

Within the group, you can expect to experiment with different ways of behaving and expressing yourself. You will learn communication skills to give and receive feedback. You will learn to take social risks and try on new ways of being within the group to see what fits and what doesn’t. You will learn how to express your needs and emotions and how to let go of self-limiting behaviors and beliefs that keep you stuck. The vulnerability is a necessary part of growing in self-confidence. Come practice being your brilliant and vulnerable selves with other women in your community. Together, we can change these patterns, and the staff at Colorado Women’s Center feel fortunate to be able to support you in this process.

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