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Jan 15

How Can Women Rise in 2018?

How Can Women Rise In 2018 Colorado Womens Center

How can you rise? How can you be determined to face the fire and allow it to make you better? For every 10,000 joys, there are 10,000 sorrows. We can’t ignore this aspect of living. So, use pain to grow! Don’t run from it–it can teach you! You will be surprised at your strength when you don’t back away. Seek support from those who matter, and remind yourself of that special place within, that you know is good and pure. Don’t let anything or anyone deter you from that place. It is yours! You are beautiful and unique and you deserve to shine!

But, make sure you shine from that place of goodness–not from a place of ego. Shine from a place that spreads to others–that is how you will reach empowerment. You will reach it with love and compassion; grit and grace; dignity and self-respect. That takes facing discomfort and awkward encounters. It takes finding the strength to keep going and holding your head up, as you move through life in all of its colorful moments. Nothing is more powerful than a woman wanting to RISE! Be proud of who you are–despite what others think. Use your voice, tame your mind, be grateful for your loved ones. We get one shot at this! Make this life-time worth it. Take risks, set boundaries, say “I love you”, laugh, dance, cry, LIVE and… you will RISE!

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